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Tower of Fantasy Assemble Edition includes: TOF_DLC.jpgSmart Keeper 2.0: 1Game Time: 1Pro Gamer: 1Starlit Cosmos: 1Simulacrum Deluxe Box: 1Tanium: 2500Gold Nucleus: 10Red Nucleus: 10Weapon Augmentation Box 2: 20Monthly Pass: 1Black Nucleus: 10Fruit Cake: 10Fried Chicken: 10Sizzling Meat: 10Crispy Grilled Fish: 10 DescriptionExplore a vast open world and immerse yourself in...

: Sony PlayStation

Tower of Fantasy Assemble Edition includes:

Smart Keeper 2.0: 1
Game Time: 1
Pro Gamer: 1
Starlit Cosmos: 1
Simulacrum Deluxe Box: 1
Tanium: 2500
Gold Nucleus: 10
Red Nucleus: 10
Weapon Augmentation Box 2: 20
Monthly Pass: 1
Black Nucleus: 10
Fruit Cake: 10
Fried Chicken: 10
Sizzling Meat: 10
Crispy Grilled Fish: 10

Explore a vast open world and immerse yourself in an epic adventure.

Embark on an epic journey through post-apocalyptic wastelands, underwater realms and the Eastern magical world of Domain 9 in this immersive free-to-play open-world multiplayer RPG.

As resources dwindled and energy became scarce, humanity sought sanctuary on Aida, an alien world teeming with life. Drawn to the powerful energy within the comet Mara, they built the Omnium Tower, only to unleash a catastrophic disaster upon their newfound home. Play as a Wanderer, battle alongside companions, and uncover the hidden truths within the Tower of Fantasy!

Explore this mysterious land solo or with friends, solving puzzles and engaging in intense real-time combat. Choose from over 30+ weapons and customize your hero freely, tailoring your playstyle through a flexible progression system.

Join forces with friends - Dive into Aida with a team of friends in tow. Players can take photos and explore attractions like the amusement park, or join a guild to tackle challenging quests and uncover the mysteries of this stylish world
An expansive open world - Immerse yourself in a variety of living landscapes, from the neon-soaked cityscape of Mirroria to the ecologically rich underwater realm and the magical Eastern world of Domain 9. Tap into the wonder of discovery as you chart these contrasting realms

Simulacra and simulation - Activate a variety of Simulacra forms, special weapon companions that come with powerful game-changing abilities. Each Simulacra form comes with its own personality and backstory that players can progress as they work through tense, freeform battles

Warranty: 7 Days Replacement for Factory Defect


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