Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV


Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Genre: Action RPG

Platform: Switch



Ultra Street Fighter IV (ウルトラストリートファイターIVUrutora Sutorīto Faitā Fō) is a 2.5D fighting game, and is an update of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and the fourth update to the Street Fighter IV series overall. It features five additional characters, six additional stages, and character tweaks based on community feedback. This title update also features brand new modes.Ultra Street Fighter IV also has the largest fighter roster in the series to date, featuring 44 playable characters.



Choose between classic pixel-art graphics for a retro nostalgia trip or enjoy a refined, modern look.
Utilize the motion controls of the Joy-Con in “Way of the Hado” mode, a new first-person single player experience where players attempt to defeat the Shadaloo army using signature Hadouken and Shoryuken special moves.
Team-up with a friend to take on the CPU opponent in “Dynamic Battle” mode. Create new two-character combos and attack the CPU on both sides.
Battle it out with a friend in local multiplayer or take the fight online in Ranked and Casual matches.
Browse through the 250+ page digital artbook, featuring over 1,500 illustrations throughout Street Fighter’s 30-year history.