Ben 10

Ben 10




Ben 10 in His Latest Intergalactic Adventure:

D3 Publisher releases its fastest Ben 10 game ever: Ben 10: Omniverse 2! The game will give players control of Ben and his powers as he fights the Incureans – a new intergalactic foe led by Emperor Mileous, whose warship is penetrated by Ben. Equipped with his trusty Omnitrix, together with his partner Azmuth, creator of the Omnitrix, be ready to smash your way through invading aliens as the coolest kid to ever save the world.

Run, Chase and Escape Towards Saving the World:

In the game, the players will battle new foes that feature authentic voices overs that can be found in all-new story created by the writers of the actual series. In addition to the action-brawler gameplay of its predecessor, Ben Ten Omniverse 2 will include chase and escape sequences; players will have to make every action count as Ben races against the clock, promising to make it the best kinetic title in the franchise yet.


  • Play as favourite characters from the show including Ben, Rook and Omnitrix aliens in the multiplayer brawler mode
  • The fastest Ben 10 game ever! Race against the clock and make each action count in all‐new chase sequences. Take multiple runs against a mission as you unlock new power ups and unlock new areas with each run
  • Fight against the Incurseans in an all new storyline created by the writers of the TV show
  • Alien upgrades! The Omnitrix now selects alien by class allowing players to store they favourite aliens by size and speed and select them on the fly as needed
  • Play as Ben and Rook in multiplayer co‐op mode